'Moving On' Kit only (Sold under licence)

(only available if the customer has previously purchased the Manual)



  • Description

The kit consists of laminated alphabet letters in a convenient carry case and ‘Velcroed’ baseboards to create words. The ‘Moving On kit’ consists of smaller letters, a ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ baseboard that links to a laminated ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ writing baseboard

Additional kits only available if the manual has previously been purchased.

The manual outlines a highly structured program designed to accommodate the specific learning styles of the student with Down syndrome. The program aims to teach spelling to enable the student to construct meaningful written language. The reading skills outlined in ‘Reading, Getting Started’ are a pre-requisite to using this program. The ‘Spell to Write kits’ are designed to be used with the book as they provide a spelling approach without the need for handwriting skills.

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