The team at DSSA are committed to ensuring that people with Down syndrome, their families and carers are given the resources and support to be informed, empowered and connected.

We can be contacted at our office on 08 8245 4600 or via the form on the get in touch page.

Our Board

The Board is comprised of three elected Directors from the membership and six appointed Directors. Directors are appointed for a term of three years, and are eligible for re-appointment for a further two terms of three years. Directors retire on a rotational basis, ensuring there is always continuity of skills and experience.

Shaun Kennedy (Chair)
Paul Kerin
Ross McAdam
Grant Nuske
Heather Ward

Our Staff

Anne Squire, Senior Education Consultant
Beccy Phillips, Administration Assistant
Dana Haig, Life Education
Deb Green, Life Education
Gemma Washington, Administration Assistant
Julz Janzen, Life Education
Karlee Naumann, Dance Down & Club Slick Coordinator
Kerry Carlson, Office Manager
Kymberly Louise, Professional Learning Consultant
Laura Millbank, Program Coordinator
Maureen Lawlor, Chief Executive Officer
Nicole McKenna, Special Education Consultant
Teressa Reschke, Special Education Consultant
Vickie Jackson, Business Administrator
Wendy Williams, Special Education Consultant

Our Ambassadors

Amelia Mulchay, Weather Presenter and Reporter at Seven Network
Hon Chris Kourakis, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Our Member Ambassadors

James White
Zoe Kyriazopoulos

Down Syndrome Australia Advisory Network SA Representative

Nick McMahon